AWA is the premier source of information on the essential parts of our existence. It’s our goal to transport our visitors across the solar system and beyond with comprehensive coverage of the latest news and discoveries. We focus our efforts on exploration, innovation, and ancient alien theory—celebrating humanity's ongoing expansion across the final frontier.

At AWA, we don't believe in living in fear of extraterrestrial life, or of the changes it might bring to humanity. We accept—and celebrate—that aliens do exist, and they have already presented themselves to us in many different forms. By reexamining our ancient origins, mythologies, and historical documents, we draw ever closer to worldwide acceptance of life beyond humanity's borders.

We provide a place for aggressively-researched information, stories from accredited news sources and renowned alien investigators, and the latest events and gatherings celebrating extraterrestrial life. We provide a connection between our world and the world of the unknown— exploring past, present, and future contact from life outside our universe. 

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