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Tom Foster

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Meet Tom Foster, a passionate explorer of the cosmic frontier, who, much like the legendary Captain Kirk, fearlessly ventures into the realms of aliens, UFOs, and UAPs. As a devoted Star Trek enthusiast and an ardent admirer of William Shatner's iconic portrayal of Captain Kirk, Tom brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to studying extraterrestrial mysteries; that’s why he created

From an early age, Tom was captivated by the starship Enterprise's adventures and its charismatic captain's boldness. Fascinated by the science-fiction world of Star Trek, he found himself contemplating the real-life possibilities of alien life forms and interstellar encounters. This curiosity set the foundation for his lifelong passion for exploring the unknown.

With an inquisitive mind and a heart that embraces the spirit of discovery, Tom founded a groundbreaking website and launched an enthralling podcast dedicated to aliens, UFOs, and UAPs. Inspired by Captain Kirk's legendary motto, "To boldly go where no one has gone before," Tom fearlessly embarks on this cosmic journey, seeking to shed light on the enigmatic phenomena beyond our understanding.

On his website, Tom shares captivating articles that blend scientific inquiry with the captivating allure of Star Trek's universe. Delving into historical UFO encounters and modern-day sightings, he uncovers stories that ignite his readers' imaginations, just as Star Trek's adventures once ignited his own.

Tom's passion for all things Star Trek and extraterrestrials intertwines in the podcast. He invites esteemed experts, enthusiasts, and fans of the franchise to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the mysteries beyond our blue planet. With infectious excitement, Tom guides listeners through each episode, captivating them with stories of alien encounters and thrilling encounters with the unknown.

Tom's ultimate dream is to inspire others to embrace their inner explorers, boldly seeking answers to age-old questions about life beyond Earth. With a spirit reminiscent of Captain Kirk's leadership, he motivates his audience to ask, "What lies beyond the stars? Are we alone in the universe?"

So, join Tom Foster on this intergalactic adventure as he channels the indomitable spirit of Captain Kirk, navigating the cosmos and venturing where few have dared to go. Together, we'll explore the realms of aliens, UFOs, and UAPs, uncovering the secrets that await us in the vastness of space. As Tom says, "The stars are our playground, and the journey has just begun. Let’s Get Going!"