Posted on Jun 20, 2023

Las Vegas police have taken steps to ensure the safety of a family who reported encountering a "tall, skinny alien creature with a greenish color" measuring between eight to ten feet in height in their backyard in the hours between April 30 and May 1, 2023.  Police bodycams captured a glowing green light streaking across the sky, supporting the witnesses' claims. Concerned for their safety, the family contacted the authorities, leading to the installation of cameras on their home. 

Although officers responded to the call, they did not find any conclusive evidence of aliens or a crashed UFO at the scene. The story gained widespread attention after being reported by independent investigative journalist Doug Poppa, known for his focus on corruption and extensive coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Poppa, initially skeptical of UFOs and aliens, spoke with the family and found their account to hold some credibility. He expressed surprise at the police's decision to install expensive video equipment, emphasizing that such measures are not typically taken for reports of UFOs.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has connections to Homeland Security, but it remains unclear if the camera installation is linked to this association. Assistant Sheriff Sasha Larkin, a decorated 23-year law enforcement veteran, oversees divisions related to Homeland Security and investigative services within the department. Larkin also serves as the intelligence commander for the Major County Sheriff's Association and sits on the Office of Director National Intelligence Board in Washington D.C., focusing on proactive messaging for the prevention and recognition of domestic and international terrorism.

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